Goals for the Foundation


Provide Educational Programs

The Foundation has been created to provide a means to partner with you. By gaining your support, trust and contributions, this will enable us to provide programs to educate our youth on Firearms and Personal Safety, the joy of the Shooting Sports, and the importance of Personal Responsibility as supporters of our Second Amendment  


The Boonie Project has been our launching pad for the Foundation.  Boonie the Sheepdog and his trainer help to provide the much needed education to Pre-K- 4th grade students on firearm safety.

The Foundation has plans for expanding our programs to reach older children by providing Summer Youth Camps, Young Adult Personal Protection Courses and more, but we have to build the funds in order to do so.

See the Foundation in Action

Boonie the Sheepdog has a facebook page!  Check it out to see where Boonie has made an impact thus far.


How can I donate?  

A: Simply click on the DONATE button

Is my Donation Tax Deductible?

A: YES it is!

Will the Foundation provide other projects I can support?

A: As the Foundation Funds Grow, we will have the means to provide additional programs to educate our future generations.