We would love to share Boonie with your children and help to teach them to be safe around guns.  Please Contact Boondocks Firearms Training Academy™ @ 769-972-2382  or email Chad@BoondocksFTA.com to schedule an appearance.

**BFTA Educational Foundation Funds must be available in order to provide the backpacks and to make an appearance.



Goals for the Boonie Project

You may not realize that Boonie has needs.  He has to be groomed regularly to maintain his "fresh" appearance when making his debuts.  Boonie has lots of materials to carry with him to help share his message and he requires a private dressing area to do "his business".  One of the goals that the Foundation would like to provide for the Boonie Project is Air Conditioned Transportation.  The "Boonie Mobile" is what we will call it! This would provide a place for him to store all his gear while traveling to his venues as well as a cool place for Boonie to rest.  The Foundation wants to reach as many kids as possible to make this world a safer place.  With your support... WE CAN DO THIS!

So, if you know of a dealership that would like to SPONSOR the "Boonie Mobile", PLEASE send them our way!